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David from Gray, Georgia, reports that "Lanny came to our Family Night Supper at Hillsboro Baptist Church and caused us much pain*. . . from laughing so hard! His routine was hilarious and people of all ages loved it! He is also a truly great guy! His Christian witness shines through all the humor".  *This is a disclaimer that Lanny did not intent to cause pain in anyway and will not be liable for problems associated with his humor.
Wendy from Union City, Georgia reported that she saw Lanny two years ago at Jonesboro First Baptist for a singles conference. "He was great. I want to see more. He made me laugh until I cried." - Lanny has a history of making girls cry and his mom is still working on the problem.
Direct in from the Church Restroom reported by Tammy, Dublin Georgia: Lanny was recently mentioned in the church Bulletin. Complete details are not available at this time but suspicion is that Mr.Dynamic was found to be funny and a "hunk".

This picture was turned in by a concerned citizen.
By hidden microphone this was heard by Lanny - 
"Are you sure that this is the right shade?"


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