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If you are looking for someone that will insult, offend, cause racial tension, or perhaps bring sexual harassment law suites against you and your  corporation, Lanny Moody is NOT for you! But, if you want someone who everyone can relate to or if you want to hear a one-hour show of  side-splitting clean comedy without hearing offensive language, Lanny Moody is for you!  

People say that he's a cross between Red Skelton and Carrot Top because of  his zany style. When he steps up on stage, you will begin laughing as he talks about styles and fads of the past and the future. You will also enjoy listening to hilarious stories about his childhood and his life now as a father.  

Being part of drama while in school, Lanny created the character "Mr. Dynamic." A few years later on a trip to Panama City Beach, FL, Lanny dressed into character with a flashy green and plaid suit from the 70's, and a pair of thick glasses. When he began walking up and down the beach, he saw people laughing, cameras flashing, and children running to their parents. He was then asked to come and join private parties and groups along the beach. Lanny says everybody has a little bit of Mr. Dynamic in them. (Or at least a close relative)  Using a prop box filled with tricks and objects, he makes the whole concert go to a new level of comedy. You will roar with laughter and gasp as Lanny juggles pens, knifes, and torches.  

If you need a 5 minute show or a 60 minute show Lanny has worked hard to develop the funniest entertainment in a market that is looking for fresh, clean comedy. He has been a repeat guest for Rotary Clubs, Corporate Events and has appeared at Six Flags Over Georgia, NASCARís Jeff Gordon and The Punchline Comedy Club in Atlanta, GA.  


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