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So many times in my travels I’ve been asked the question; “What’s the best way to get started doing  stand-up comedy?” I would give brief tips on how to get started and not make some of the dumb mistakes that so many of us  in the business have made.  

This book will save you time, money, and aggravation by giving you a step by step of the do’s and don’ts of a effective comedy/creative arts ministry. Designed by the most successful Christian comedians today you will get tips like… 

> How to keep it as a ministry and a business  

> How to double your current income

> How to price yourself  

> How to break into a lucrative corporate market

> How to write new and innovative comedy material

> How to turn your dream into a profitable business

> How to create real “gig getting” promotional material

> How to get your book published and your CD/video recorded

> How to keep your sanity while marketing your insanity

> How and why you should join the Christian Comedy Association   

This book has the answers to the questions you have, and the answers to the questions you will have. Compiled by the Christian Comedy Association you get personal advice from comedians and writers like, Chonda Pierce, Mike Williams, Ken Davis, Ken Kington, Michael Joyner, Taylor Mason, Lanny Moody, Paul Aldrich,  Martha Bolton and sooooooo many others. Some of these have written material for comedians like, Carrot Top, Mark Lowery and others. 

This book makes a great gift for Christmas to that someone in your life that is gifted with humor or for yourself.  

How much would you pay for all the answers? There is no doubt that I would’ve paid $500.00 for this book. WHY? Cause it would’ve saved me about $2000.00 and a lot of time. 

The price is only $69.00 for tips like, how to obtain an agent, get paid to speak in public schools, a website that will bring in paying gigs, how to write a contract,  free national exposure for your work and more. Order today and move to the top in Christian entertainment for yourself, your church group or someone you know.


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