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You are looking for funny. Lanny Moody is more than funny. Funny is a symptom. What’s under funny is what the really funny men bring. And Lanny brings it on full throttle. When you are from a small town like Covington, GA, a guy like Lanny figured out early on that bringing joy into the house got way better results than just a funny joke in his house. So, from childhood Lanny has perfected how to get the people who watch and listen to him to join him in his especially funny way of looking at everyday life.


Lanny brings overwhelming, unadulterated, childlike, motivating joy to your table. From the beginning of his stories, Lanny has a way of inviting each audience member to join him in a place of joy that sometimes seems forgotten. Lanny has figured out what the great comedy men and women figured out, and that is truly great comedy can touch the best and worst of humanity without ever using an offensive word. He is brilliant in this regard.


It doesn’t make any difference whether Lanny is using a prop box, telling life’s hilarious stories or he using his dazzling juggling to draw the audience into his tidal wave of joy.


Lanny has a resume of television shows, comedy clubs, corporate events, churches, youth events and private parties too numerous to mention here, however, a list can easily be emailed.


The length of time you need Lanny for your event is up to you! He is ready and willing to work around your time needs. Give him a challenge and you will be even happier that you chose this talented entertainer for your event. He will surpass your expectations every time!


When is the last time you laughed way down deep with that gut laugh so loud that it makes you a little embarrassed? When joy flows, really flows, an audience just doesn’t care how loud they are. They are enchanted into a surge of fun, happiness and freedom and Lanny Moody loves taking the audience on that ride. It’s what he lives for every single day. He lives to make people not only laugh, but to feel that deep joy that comes from laughing really hard.


Lanny Moody is not just talent, he is a force of nature…filled with joy, and he is ready to bring his tornado of laughter your way! 

Lanny created the character Mr. Dynamic "Mr. Dynamic."   while participating in Drama in school. A few years later on a trip to Panama City Beach, FL, Lanny dressed into character with a flashy green and plaid suit from the 70's, thick glasses and fake buck teeth. When he began walking up and down the beach, he saw people laughing, flashing cameras, and children running to their parents. He was then asked to come and join private parties and groups along the beach. Lanny says everybody has a little bit of Mr. Dynamic in them. (Or at least a close relative)

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