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Corporations are talking about Lanny...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This years Crimson Cross Dinner Theater was a big success due largely to your performance in Lancaster, SC. We have had nothing but positive responds for the great time everyone had. "Mr. Dynamic" was a big hit! Many have said this was the best event ever, and they were still hurting from laughter. Our ability to continually improve our product allows us to make our annual fundraiser an easier sell each year.

Christopher Smith, Treasurer
Lancaster County Chapter American Red Cross, Lancaster, SC. 

Just want to say thanks for the great job you did for the C. D. C. dinner. Everyone loved your performance and we hope to bring you back again.
Angie Tracey
Department of Health and Human Services

Dear Lanny, It was a tremendous delight to experience your performance. So often we get sidetracked with all the urgent matters of our jobs and life that we don't take the time to step back and enjoy ourselves. Thank you for your rollicking good, clean fun. The tears ran down our faces we laughed so hard.

"Mr. Dynamic" was a topic of conversation for weeks. Your witticism allowed all of us to laugh at ourselves and to put our work and life in perspective. Humor tends to get lost when deadlines pursue us. Your exciting presentation was exactly what the doctor ordered to get our organization back on track. Thanks for a wonderful jolt fun.
Alice B. Cunningham, Executive Director,
Hi Hope Service Center, Lawrenceville, GA

Lanny, Thank you for the wonderful performance tonight. I know it must have been very difficult to play to such a small audience, but you were a true blessing. Everyone I spoke with had a tremendous time!

I feel blessed to have met you and to have had the chance to "play" in front of the audience with you. You are truly a great performer and a good man. I am a better person for having met you. Take care, keep in touch and God Bless!!
Tony Baughman, Editor,
Writesville Journal, 478-864-0007

Lanny, Everyone has been commenting about how much they really enjoyed you and what a great job you did!  Thank you so much for being the highlight of our evening! I'm sorry you had to wait around a bit.  It's hard to plan exactly when you have an event like that.  However, I think it ultimately worked out okay! 
If I wanted to purchase more video tapes, how much would that be and how soon could I get them? 
Thanks, again, for everything!

Tracey Pew, Bard Medical Division, 770-784-6483

"My people laughed until their sides hurt. I will be asking him back again"
Wes Bearden, Bearden Oil Company 
(912) 374-7706

"Lanny I would like to say how much we appreciate the performance you gave at our inter-club meeting for Exchange. From all the letters and comments I received everyone enjoyed it. I personally enjoyed it and on the behalf of the Exchange Club of Byram, we say thanks and a job well done. I also appreciate Cecil and Regina Meadors for their support in this endeavor. They are great friends and I'm proud to be in the same club with them. I like to give credit where credit is due. So I can't close without thanking Jim Chance for all he did to get you here. Thanks again and we look forward to having you back." 
Glenn Taylor, President
Exchange Club of Byram, MS
(601) 878-6634

"I highly recommend comedian Lanny, he is a professional that presented a first class program. Our Christmas party turned out NOT to be the same old company Christmas party." 
Paul Cowles, 
Ocmulgee, Georgia E.M.C. 
(902) 374-7001

"I never heard one negative comment at our awards banquet. In fact, all I heard was laughter the whole night! Thanks for a great night of entertainment." 
Heilig Myers Furniture

"It was amazing to hear 100 people made up of, doctors, lawyers, morticians, bankers, and other business owners laughing. Lanny never used any 
blue material." 
President of the Griffin Georgia Rotary Club
(770) 227-2300

"When you ask someone to come and entertain your group it's great to look around the room and see 500 people laughing and having the time of their life. He will, Rock Your World!" 
Buddy Lamb, Georgia Drama Festival Coordinator
(706) 568-0000

"He is just what colleges look for, 60 minutes of clean professional comedy."
Kathy Arnett
Bluefield College, Bluefield, WV
(304) 589-6222

"Lanny you did a great job at our Boy Scouts Retreat. It was great hearing 600 people from age 12 to 60 years old laughing at an outside meeting in the middle of an army base." 
Boy Scouts Of America Coordinator

"You were simply hilarious at the banquet, the Mr. Dynamic character you do was awesome. Your prop box routine at the end was a smash and was a perfect ending." 
Ron Smith, President of the Georgia Quarter Horse Assoc.
(770) 467-9452

"I brought Lanny into Dallas, TX. for our Awards Banquet Dinner for Mary Kay Cosmetics. He did a great job entertaining a room full of women using clean comedy. He had everyone in the restaurant sticking their head in the door to see what was so funny.... It was Lanny!" 
Carol Fulton, Senior Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics 


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