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Just want to say thanks for a fantastic performance! We've heard nothing but great, great comments. 
Tami McLaughlin, Sugarloaf United Methodist Church, Duluth, GA. (770) 814-2050


You were a real blessing to all of us. I’ll beg Melanie to bring you back next year.
Blessings and peace,
Nanci Bryant
2 Tim. 4:17-18


I can't begin to thank you enough for coming to Woodbury Sunday night.  Our folks thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  I want to let you know how much I appreciate the fact that you seemed genuinely glad to be "here."  Too often, speakers/entertainers will come
in, do their "routine" and it is obvious that they are just going through the motions.  But, the folks at Woodbury (including myself) were so grateful that you made us feel special.

I am going to contact Larry Lewey.  We would like to work out for you to come again in June.

Thanks again.
Drew Corbett, Pastor, Woodbury Baptist Church 706-553-2001

Greetings from chilly Pennsylvania! Just want to say how much of a blessing and fun you were at our singles gathering. You really connected with a lot of people and I've heard nothing but great comments about the event. We would love to have you back again!
Jonathan Damiani, Executive Director, Crossfire Singles Ministry, Camp Hill, PA.  (717) 975-2776,

Lanny, Thank you for taking care of my people!
Jerry Fincher, Pastor
Atlantic Coast Church, New Smyrna Beach, FL
(386) 427-4023

Lanny Moody did an incredible job for the annual meeting of the Alabama Baptist Religious Education Association.  He was the after dinner entertainment and was almost better than dessert!  After being challenged and stretched all day, we wanted to relax and laugh together after dinner.  Lanny helped us to do just that, until it started hurting after laughing too long and hard.  Lanny’s humor is hilarious, yet clean, which is just what we were looking for.  God intends that we should have a good time!
Jay Gordon 
Westwood Baptist Church, Alabaster, Alabama

Glenn Musswhite and Lanny SCARY, I KNOW!Lanny was a perfect fit for our Freedom Festival 2002.  Our church sponsored around the Fourth of July a block party for the community with several of the neighboring churches participating as well.  Lanny did a wonderful job of getting the audience's attention through the use of laughter and then shared in a powerfully effective way the difference Christ alone can make!  I heartily recommend Lanny Moody and his ministry to you!
Bob Ehr,
Big Sandy Baptist Church, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Thank you for the gift of laughter. I was blown away by the responses of my teachers on Wednesday and even on Monday night before you left. They were so appreciative of the experience and evidently really needed to laugh badly. Everybody has junk in their lives and always taking care of it that they don't take time to really slow down and laugh. I am so glad Becky recommended you to me and that it worked out. Nanci Bryant told me she had contacted you in regards to her job. I hope they can use you. Scott our Minister of Music really enjoyed you, too.

I hope you will consider returning next year for a repeat performance. 
"Sing"cerely, Melanie Sauer, 
First Baptist Church Woodstock, GA, Children's Choir Coordinator, 
(770) 926-4428

You entertained us last night at First Baptist Church Woodstock for the choir teacher's appreciation dinner. I laughed so much that my cheeks were still cramped after I got home, and I'm still giggling a day later. It was a wonderful release to laugh so much, and it's refreshing to hear really funny material that’s really clean. (I was the unsuspecting victim who volunteered to “assist” your routine).Friend Ron Mast and Lanny

I am the HR Manager for a 200-employee company, and I've forwarded your name and website to our planning team for the future. By the way, Mr. Dynamic, I think I interviewed you for a job here last week – yes, that was definitely you. You look just like you did when you came in for the interview, glasses and teeth and all. So your act must not really be that much of a stretch from your everyday life…

There are many different ways to present God's work of redemption through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Comic relief is one way that I have just been introduced to in a very comical, relaxed and effective way.

Lanny Moody presents Jesus with Laughter and excitement in a very unique way. I highly recommend him to your church, your youth group or any gathering to present Jesus in a very different and effective way. 
Benny Abney, Pastor
Smyrna United Methodist Church
Dallas, Georgia 30157

Brother Lanny, It is with great joy that I write you to say thank you for your ministry of humor. You were a great success for our Koinonia Banquet. Everyone thought your humor was refreshing and well-mannered. We have had no complaints, which is a first for us! Even when we laugh at ourselves, we realized it was good for us. We appreciate your special calling and we shall call on you again.
Your Fellow Servant-Brother... In Christ, 
Ronnie Wildes, Fairburn Baptist Association, Associational Missionary, Fairburn, GA
(770) 964-9830

"I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard;" was the common sentiment of everyone who "experienced" Lanny Moody. Lanny, thank you so much for coming to spend time with our youth. They were amazed by you; and I was amazed by the message that you deliver -- that the Christian life is one that is full of joy, fun and especially laughter. We will Jon + Nikki Damiani, Lanny and Karin Baker with CrossFire Ministries continue to pray for you and your ministry.

I highly recommend Lanny Moody for your next youth event.
Nate Juvinall, Youth Minister, 
Northside United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA
 (404) 351-6558


Lanny, I cannot tell you how you blessed us during our Banquet. Our folks are still talking about that night. The day after the banquet as I  walked around before Sunday
School, I came across several “Lanny Wanna bes” as they attempted to give their best impression of “Mr. Dynamic.” According to what I saw, you've got the corner on the market as they seemed to only muster up something that resembled “Mr. Mediocre.” Thanks again for your wonderful gift of humor, your unbelievable spirit and most of all your love for Christ. We want you back soon.  Eddie.  

PS. Here is my stab at a recommendation. I hope you
can use it.  Lanny Moody a.k.a. “Mr. Dynamic” has got to be the funniest man on two legs. For almost an hour, we were drowning in our own tears of laughter. At one point I almost begged him to stop for a few moments so we could take on a little oxygen. He is everything you would ever want in a Christian comedian. God has called him into this ministry ... you should call him for yours. 
Eddie Lightsey, Minister of Music,
West End Baptist Church, Clanton, AL
(205) 755-0625

Lanny is one of the most unique Christians I have ever met.  He has the teaching together.  Our Single Adults thoroughly enjoyed experiencing Lanny.  And it is an experience. Lanny is a must-have for your ministry.
Philip Nation, Singles Minister,
First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, GA 
(770) 478-6710

Lanny does an awesome job of relating to teenagers.  He draws them in with his humor and then lands them with the Truth.  Through Lanny, students come to know the Lord.  You can't ask for more than that!
Jerry Adair,  Minister of Youth,  
County Line Baptist Church, Lithia Springs, GA 
(770) 942-0190

Lanny, my husband Jason and I are at New Heights Baptist church. We have enjoyed having you with us the past 2 nights and can hardly wait for the 2 more nights to come!   I  have to tell you, my husband, Jason is a fireman so whatever you plan to catch on fire tonight you better watch out! HA-HA!  Thank you so... much for coming out to our church!  As I've told many of my friends that I've invited, you are so... great at reaching the whole congregation with your message.  No matter if their 1 or 101.  Your message reaches ALL!  You know there are some people out there who don't like to listen to preachers, but that's why I like listening to you so... much is because if those people aren't careful they just might learn something about God's word!  Thanks again, Lanny!  My husband and I have already learned so... much!  We look forward to seeing you tonight! 
The Baswells

As a Pastor have you ever experienced a “cordial laugh”? Unfortunately we all have had those occasions in the church where we told a joke and the congregation’s reaction was really just a cordial response or a polite laugh. I promise, with Lanny Moody, your people won’t have to laugh just to be polite. In fact, they will laugh even if they don’t want to. Lanny has a remarkable way of opening people up, tearing down defenses, and then presenting a wholesome Christian message that is both uplifting, funny and true all at the same time. I would not hesitate recommending Lanny Moody to my very best of pastor friends. I hope you can find a way to use him in your church. After your stomach stops hurting from all the laughter, you’ll be glad you did. 
Steve King, Pastor,
Gentian Baptist Church, Columbus, GA 
(706) 561-5313

Dear Lanny, I want you to know how much we enjoyed you Saturday night. Everyone's walking around quoting your lines. I know we were a small crow compared to some of your other performances but thankfully you don't judge your concert by group size. It’s rare that a small church can have quality high-end entertainment. Brother, we did. It was a blessing to watch my youth wipe the tears from their eyes. Many of them came into Sunday School the next morning complaining about how sore they were from laughing so hard. We will have you back, our staff enjoyed you also and have requested information on how to get in touch with you for other events. Keep on throwing it out there and watch God do even more amazing things.
Rance Parker, Minister Of Students, 
First Baptist Church, Acworth, GA 
(770) 974-3021

Lanny, I can't thank you enough for what you did for the Valentines Banquet this year. I got so many compliments on how well everyone enjoyed it. That was the first time we had done a comedian and I honestly didn't know how it would be received. I can say without any reservations that every person; every age enjoyed that evening. You showed them how to worship the Lord through laughter. I personally recommend you to any church group who is looking for entertainment that makes an impact. 
Andy Futch, Minister of Activities & Family Life, 
Heritage Hills Baptist, Conyers, GA 
(770) 922-2027

"I have gotten to know Lanny personally in recent years and have  come to love him deeply. Lanny is a unique individual with a rare gift of communication and humor. I have used Lanny on several occasions and intend to use him in the near future for youth and church-wide events. Lanny's humor is outrageous, piercing, and convicting. He is as refreshing as he is deep. I must give you a warning: If your congregation is more concerned about being socially and politically correct than reaching teenagers and adults for Christ, he may not be the one for you, but if you're looking to reach out to those who desperately need Jesus, he will "rock their world."  
Buddy Lamb, Georgia Drama Festival Coordinator, 
(706) 568-0000

"If laughter doeth good like a medicine, then I can assure you that Lanny Moody will Bring healing to your congregation! Lanny has been given a gift of ministering to people by making them laugh at themselves in life situations. It is a delight to recommend a Christian who is a comedian and will have folks rolling in the aisles with humor that is completely and totally clean. It is a joy to recommend Lanny Moody to your congregation.” 
Dwight "Ike" Reighard, Pastor, 
North Star Church, Acworth, GA 
(770) 461-4337

Not only is Lanny a very talented comedian, but his Gospel presentation was powerful and effective. Creative is the word for how he used laughter to get our attention, then before you know it, we were face to face deciding our eternal destiny." 
Randy Mimbs, Pastor, 
Liberty Baptist Church, Dublin, GA 
(912) 275-0175

"Thank you for sharing with our Adult and youth Choirs, you did GREAT and our folks loved it. Many have said they have never "laughed so hard". Your humor and ability to make people laugh is a gift from God. Most importantly, thank you for sharing about what Christ has done in your life. Only Jesus can take a life wrecked by sin and place a song in that same heart and laughter in that same mouth. My prayer is that God will continue to use you to spread the Gospel and be a strong witness for Him. We look forward to having you back." 
Gary Morton, Minister of Music, 
Second Baptist Church, Warner Robins, GA 
(912) 923-7101.

“Lanny is one of the most popular speakers I bring in for entertainment. I have used him for youth and college retreats.” He has always done a great job.
Minister of Students, Barry Owen, 
First Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA 
(770) 234-8262

Lanny, I’ve heard great comments from our singles after you gave them a night they will never forget! When you came to do a Sunday night concert for the whole church, I was wondering how you could entertain and reach such a diversified group of ages. Everyone from age 6, to the age of 87 years old loved it. Thanks for coming, you made me look good for inviting you. I have to give it to you man, YOU ROCKED! 
Norman Grizzle, Singles Minister, 
The Rock Baptist Church 
(770) 961-7141

The people are still talking about it, four months later ! What Lanny does is not a performance, it is a definite ministry that God has gifted him to do. He will be back again and again. 
Larry Lawrence, Students Minister,
Celebration Baptist, Tallahassee, FL 
(850) 893-1709

Lanny, Everyone loved getting to know you. I heard many comments on how you worked all of the age groups into your performance. Great job! 
David Fox, Austell Georgia Baptist Association 
(770) 948-3900

Lanny, it is great to know you are available to always bring your wacky world of comedy and the love of Christ to our youth camps. I am excited about having you come share your ministry with our entire church this summer. 
Jeff Stockdale, Student Minister, 
Northside Baptist Church, Panama City, FL  
(850) 872-3461

The guy communicates the Joy of the Lord. Refreshing, in your face evangelism!! He will be back...soon
Scott Johnson, Singles Minister, 
New Hope Baptist Church, Fayettville GA 
(770) 461-4337

"I laughed, I laughed, I laughed.... Lanny Moody has a refreshing humor that is uniquely his own style. Our people were rolling in the aisles. I know that sounds like a cliche`, but it's true. 
Brian Hook, First Baptist Church, Naples FL 
(941) 597-6057

Your comedy routine kept us all laughing. We certainly could relate to many of the situations you shared. I have passed your material on to others, and have recommended you also. 
Larry Earnest, Education Consultant, 
Birmingham AL. Baptist Assoc. (205)251-7161

Lanny, Thank you for being so warm and friendly to all the youth, as well as the adults at camp. You broke down "walls" the minute you walked onto the ball field Tuesday afternoon. There is no doubt you have a genuine love of people and want to share Jesus with them. 
Reamon Beaty, Minister of Education, 
Bethlehem Baptist Church, Fairburn, GA 
(770) 964-3007


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