What is Comedy Evangelism Outreach?
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Itís comedy with a purpose! Are you looking for a new outreach ministry? Are you finding it difficult to cast the net of evangelism to a lost world? Are you realizing that most church members wonít attend their own revival?  If they wonít attend, how can we expect the lost to attend?  If they do come, do they come with a closed and hardened heart? From being on staff at churches in the past, I have realized the challenge of outreach. I have talked to pastors throughout the country and most agree that in order to catch more fish, you have to have more hooks in the water and thatís where Comedy Evangelism Outreach and Lanny Moody Comedy Ministries comes in. 


There are a number of different outreach programs, but one of the most effective is standup comedy. Think about it. Everyone loves to laugh. Well, most everyone! Some of the most talked about programs today in and out of church is comedy central television. Why canít we offer something to our church and community that is positive, clean, and uplifting, but most important, spiritual! Why canít we, as the body of Christ offer something that is unique, different, entertaining, and funny, but spiritual and evangelistic!


For the past several years the Comedy Evangelism Outreach
C. E. O.) program has been working all across the country by using comedy to open the hearts of the lost. The C. E. O. events have opened the homes of families who do not attend a church. Just take a look at some of the emails that we have received:


o       Lanny, I want to thank you for not just making me laugh, but for telling me about the love of Christ!  Charles, Nashville, TN

o       Lanny, The night I came to hear you I wasnít sure what to expect. I did not expect to leave that place changed, and thatís what happened. Iím changed!  Danny, Tampa, FL

o        Lanny, I came to hear you the other night when you were in town. Iím a member of that church and you helped me realize that I was not saved. Thank you for explaining the plan of salvation in your concert.  Pamela, Birmingham, AL

o       Lanny, For a long time now Iíve been miserable with my life. Iím a member of a church, a SS teacher in the church, choir member and pretty much everything else in the church. I guess I had come to a point in my life where I was burned out and didnít want to do it anymore. You helped me realize that itís not my ďjobĒ to serve God and others, but itís my ďministryĒ to Him and others. Thank you.  Sam, Indianapolis, IN

o       Lanny, I laughed at me, at my wife, and with my kids; and then I cried. When you gave the invitation, I realized I shouldíve invited my lost brother to hear you.  Adam, Sarasota, FL


God is working in great ways through a number of venues today and it has given church members another reason and opportunity to invite that lost friend or family member to church one more time.


Lanny Moody has traveled throughout the US and Canada sharing the love and joy of Christ. If you would like to see more and learn more about Lanny Moody Comedy Ministries and C. E. O. you can visit his web page at:


There is no pressure, ANDÖ itís free!

 Joy 2 U,

Jennifer Able

Lanny Moody Comedy Ministries


Lanny performed for our staff Christmas party and again for my singles. He did a great job at both events. Lanny brings with him joy, fun, excitement and encouragement.

Steve Gillis, Singles/Minister, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA (770) 926-4428


I have used Lanny several times through the years and have enjoyed and trusted him every time. Iíve never had to worry at all about what he will say, do, or how he will treat my people. He has always presented a humble heart and attitude, with a spirit of Christian love and compassion at every event. Oh, and you will laugh, I promise! I highly recommend him for any event.

Larry Lawrence, First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, GA (770) 471-4255


If laughter doeth good like a medicine, then I can assure you that Lanny Moody will bring healing to your congregation! Lanny has been given a gift of ministering to people by making them laugh at themselves in life situations. It is a delight to recommend a Christian who is a comedian and will have folks rolling in the aisles with humor that is completely and totally clean. It is a joy to recommend Lanny Moody to your congregation.

Dwight "Ike" Reighard,  Pastor, North Star Church, Acworth, GA (770) 461-4337


 Thank you for sharing with our adult and youth choirs.  You did GREAT and our folks loved it. Many have said they have never "laughed so hard". Your humor and ability to make people laugh is a gift from God. Most importantly, thank you for sharing about what Christ has done in your life. Only Jesus can take a life wrecked by sin and place a song in that same heart and laughter in that same mouth. My prayer is that God will continue to use you to spread the gospel and be a strong witness for Him. We look forward to having you back.

Gary Morton, Minister of Music, Second Baptist Church, Warner Robins, GA  (912) 923-7101


Lanny's humor is outrageous, piercing, and convicting. He is as refreshing as he is deep. I must give you a warning: If your congregation is more concerned about being socially and politically correct than reaching teenagers and adults for Christ, he may not be the one for you, but if you're looking to reach out to those who desperately need Jesus, he will "rock their world."

Buddy Lamb, Georgia Drama Festival Coordinator, (706) 568-0000


Lanny is one of the most poplar speakers I bring in for entertainment. He often imitated, but never duplicated!  He has always done a great job.

Barry Owen, Minister of Education, First Baptist Church, Conyers, GA (770)483-8700


Thanks so much for Sunday night. Everybody, young and old, loved it! I especially liked the way you caused us to hysterically laugh at ourselves and others and yet still rethink how we live our lives, deal with our children, and love people as a church. That my friend, is true comedy and you are a true comedian. May God bless you and your family.

Russ Donaho,  Associate Pastor,  Iron City Baptist Church , Anniston, AL  (256) 238-1293


Thanks for working with us at our  festival. Your closing was right on target.

Carol Garrison, Eagleís Landing First Baptist Church, McDonough, GA (770) 957-1355


You were great! The funniest ďChristianĒ comic Iíve seen.

 Keith McBroom, Minister/Music, N. Metro First Baptist Church, Lawrenceville, GA (770) 995-9055


Lanny, you gave us a double dose of medicine last night!

David Fox,  Austell Georgia Baptist Association, (770) 948-3900